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I have a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering, since graduating I have continued to enhance my skills in web development through certified and self-taught channels, which means that I am highly competent in all aspects of Web Development. My prefered stack is MERN, allowing me to create full-stack web applications.

As new technology emerges, I ensure that my skillset and knowledge are up to date in order to deliver the best service to my clients.

I am a highly motivated individual who has extensive experience of both leading and participating in team projects in commercial environments.

Currently I put my efforts into creating websites for local businesses or into small projects of my own to showcase my skills. Planning to build this portfolio gradually into something much bigger!


With a huge increase in demand for online information, a simple front-end website can bring a lot to your brand or company. I have exprerience in HTML5, CSS and JS to bring your site to life!


Almost every website needs a mobile version. All of my projects are created with continuity in mind, ensuring that your website looks professional and stylish on all devices. Check out this site on a mobile phone to see how it changes.


Whilst the front-end portion of a website gives customers a first impression, I also have the experience to ensure strong back-end foundation in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB. With a custom CMS in place, you can easily and effectively keep your content up to date.


We want your website to be visible and as accessible as possible. I can provide guidance for you to make your way up the search engine results.


I can either update the website with the content of your choice or a CMS can be set up for you to make your own changes.


We want to bring your vision to life. We'll have regular discussions of how you can have an input and have your website looking the way you want.


Click to see them in depth. More to come!

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Paw Prints - eCommerce site
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The Cabin Cafe

Updated to use MongoDB!

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Cocktail Database Website
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The Colour Project

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